Sophy King

Sophy King

A multidisciplinary artist, investigating intersections of human activity and environment to consider the Anthropocene, deep time vibrant matter and ecology in relation to the climate crisis.

I am a multidisciplinary environmental artist, investigating the intersection of human activity and the environment through working with found natural and man-made materials using a pared-down aesthetic. Walking, mapping and research are integral to my process.

Domestic and durational recent work recognizes narratives of place, time and human interactions with the non-human. I explore a sense of place through socially engaged commissions and interventions on site, working with communities and ecologies.

My practice considers the Anthropocene, deep time and vibrant matter; examining ecological systems, processes and phenomena in relation to the climate crisis. I’ve focussed on peat moorlands around Manchester; investigating their social, economic, and ecological context; exposing the nature of our relationship with our environment.

During lockdown I’ve been using film, to document work and to convey narratives within it. I find myself concerned with the quite domestic, everyday actions we perform as an expression of the huge turmoil we are all grappling with and the commonality of these experiences. For several years I have been concerned with soil, earth, peat, and the prevalence of wildfires. This year dust, in the shape of flour, and water (wild swimming, which started as self-care) have become the focus of my enquiry