Franziska Schmidt

A researcher, writer, activist, fruit tree pruner and nature learning facilitator who writes about the personal and psychological dimensions of climate change and ecological collapse.

I'm a Human Ecology researcher, writer of creative non-fiction, dabbler in eco-poetry, XR activist (and activist writer), part-time fruit tree pruner and a nature learning facilitator.

I'm particularly interested in people and place, eco-spirituality, values and narratives for (a sustainable) Anthropocene and for the Great Transformation, transformative learning, rituals and coaching for transition in nature.

I write about the personal and psychological dimension of climate change and ecological collapse from the perspective of one who on the one hand works with nature almost constantly as a gardener, a tree pruner and a natural learning facilitator, and on the other hand tries to work on behalf of nature and society as a social scientist and activist. I cannot write or think about this nature thing without nurturing my bodily presence in it, and regularly.

I am a highly advanced forest stroller, meadow sitter, tree leaner, outside dweller, hillwalker, earth digger, cloud spotter, autumn leaf appreciator. The practice of inhabiting Earth is what transfers meaning to all the rest of what I do.