Stephen Leslie

A poet and writer of climate science fiction who combines climatologists' projections with his own visions to create vivid stories of life in the future.

I am a retired mental health counselor and hospice chaplain. I am a former college instructor (Economics). I have a M.S. in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola College. I also have a M.S. in Economic Education from Johns Hopkins University. I am a published poet.

I feel that there is a strong need for people to experience what life will be like in the future. I am a writer of climate science fiction. I take the existing projection of climatologists and combine that with my own visions to create vivid stories of what life will be like for our children and grandchildren. I think it is important that people be able to viscerally connect with what the future will be like.

I also plan to give local town hall presentations on what the future will look like in specific towns and regions (Long Island, Lower Manhattan, Annapolis, Delaware, etc.) I would like to collaborate with others who would be willing to write climate science fiction or testify at local town hall meetings via Zoom or live.