Marla King

Marla King

A dance artist, podcaster, climate and social justice activist, exploring ways to integrate these values and appreciation for nature, and more human approaches to climate conversations.

I am a freelance dance artist originally from Wales and I graduated with a first class BA(Hons) degree from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2019. Following this, I spent time as an apprentice dancer with National Dance Company Wales, learning and performing work by Ed Myhill, Nikita Goile, Anthony Matsena, Fearghus O'Conchuir and Alexandra Waierstall. I have since worked with Gwyn Emberton (Jones the Dance), Elisabeth Schilling and Rhiannon Faith Company. I am also a sports massage therapist, climate justice advocate and I greatly value a strong sense of connection and humanity within my dance practice.

As a climate justice activist striving to highlight the intersectionality between climate and social injustices, I wish to explore ways to integrate these connected and inclusive values, along with appreciation for nature, into my work as a dance artist, and work in a way that prioritises accessibility and environmental sustainability.

This value of connecting with our humanity, in ourselves and in audiences, is something I believe brings a much deeper, sensitive and resonant value to artistic work. I love collaborations across art forms, as it brings such richness and exploration to the process with so many skills and experiences to share and learn.

I also host a podcast called 'A Little Bit of Lagom' which takes a more human approach to climate conversations, highlighting the connections between social and environmental injustices and exploring ways that individual and community action can evoke positive change. Another way in which my work involves an environmental focus is through the delivery of carbon literacy training to freelance artists and arts organisations to offer support in becoming more sustainable in their practices. Through this, I have come to facilitate workshops and discussions focused on topics surrounding the climate crisis and climate justice, and I volunteer for youth-led climate organisations to support their campaigns and organise capacity-building workshops.