Laura Sedgwick

Laura Sedgwick

An experienced producer combining climate concerns with theatre, looking to take sustainability lessons and practices from the subsidised theatre sector to the industry's more commercial elements.

I am a London-based theatre producer. For the past two years I have worked for two West End and UK-touring independent commercial producers, firstly as a Stage One-supported trainee producer, then as a production co-ordinator.

Prior to this I worked as the marketing and production manager for a community art centre/theatre in Barnes, as an assistant producer at Theatre503, and as a freelancer producer for shows at various London fringe venues.

I have been involved in climate activism but it was the Covid pandemic which gave me to the time to really consider combining climate concerns with theatre. I have been researching, self-educating, and volunteering with EcoStage and SiPA, The Sustainability in Production Alliance.

The main area I want to take action in is how to take lessons and practices regarding climate sustainability from the subsidised theatre sector, and apply them to the more commercial elements of the industry. I am interested in practical solutions, and production artistic content, but also more holistic engagement, education, restructuring organisations, creating networks, rethinking economic models, government lobbying, and how to make sure all of these areas also encapsulate much-needed change and justice.