Lionel Playford

Lionel Playford

A landscape artist engaged with the here-and-now of the weather-world and with poetic ideas about our evolving relationship with nature, often working outdoors with others.

I am a landscape artist of 40 years practice working outdoors, in the studio and in community settings engaged with both the here and now of the weather-world and with poetic ideas about my/our evolving relationship with nature. I often work with others to explore local nature through art, especially drawing outdoors.

I have a strong interest in trees as living beings and individual characters seeing them as 'persons' who should be treated with respect and not corralled into the anonymous ranks of efficient but ecologically dead industrial plantations.

My aesthetic identifies with both neo-Romanticism, investigating and celebrating the powers and mysteries of nature, but also with the Picturesque in defying human tendencies to minimise natural variety and beauty for short-term financial profit.

My search for human beauty in nature aligns with the natural beauty of healthy ecosystems which leads to happier, healthier more sustainable relationships with the planet in which we have to live.