Finding Blake

Artist, poet and mystic William Blake was a one-off but he speaks to people across generations, centuries and cultures. And it’s his imagination that speaks to ours, even if we do not always understand or share his vision. For Blake, imagination and vision were central.

We want to re-imagine William Blake for the 21st century. To discover how relevant he and his impassioned vision are for us right now. To understand through our work and encounters on this project that imagination is as crucial to finding our way through the tumult of life today as it was in his own day — and often seems to be in as short supply now as then.

The project is not about creating a definitive, comprehensive account of Blake, his life, times and work. There are many sites offering many insights into Blake in all his guises, and we will share and link to these here.

Finding Blake is about finding some of the multiple ways in which human imaginations today resonate with his and what we can find from these encounters with him, with each other and ourselves.

Finding Blake has been created by ClimateCultures Member James Murray-White, with Mark Goldthorpe cresting and editing the website. Other members who are part of the project team or have contributed guest posts to the blog include: Andrea CarrClare CrossmanSalli Hipkiss.