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Waterlight, a film by Clare Crossman, James Murray-White, Nigel Kinnings & Bruce Huett




Quarantine Connection

New on ClimateCultures, a daily creative offering from our members to help fight social isolation during Covid-19 lockdown.


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I originally conceived this idea (not very originally) as a postcard: ‘send me an image for the front and a paragraph for the back’. I was going to call it ‘Postcards from the Edge’, but this seemed overly constricting. However, for every contribution we publish on ClimateCultures, I will send a unique postcard to the author, with an image and a text that I have selected or created, bringing them together by self-willed accident or design. As yet, I haven’t worked out what these will be or how I will come up with them, so this is my creative challenge too!


ClimateCultures declares emergency?

Why then do you not see a Declaration of Emergency on this page, and our new visual identity for ClimateCultures not flying the Culture Declares Emergency banner? Partly because ClimateCultures doesn’t explicitly favour any one approach over another. Partly because the debate over the ’emergency thinking’ is live and lively and we offer a space to take that up from creative perspectives. And partly because of my own tendency to hold different views on all these questions without settling for long on any one in particular. A personal weakness, perhaps. xxxxx