Creative Showcase Archive

In our Creative Showcase, members share a recent piece that reflects their present work, an aspect of their overall practice or a current issue of great interest or concern. As a whole, the evolving showcase gives a snapshot of what inspires and energises the ClimateCultures community, and it is open to all members.

If members contribute additional pieces for the showcase, we archive their previous contributions here so that can continue to be enjoyed. Below, you can click through to earlier works from Michael Gresalfi, Stanley Grill & Selva Ozelli — and do also explore their more recent contributions to the current Creative Showcase.

Michael Gresalfi: “What Man Has Wrought”

coral ecosystems - rainforests of the seas“As a guarded optimist, my panels present a hopeful outcome for both our species and for all life forms we share our existence with.”

Michael Gresalfi‘s seven-panel installation offers an opportunity for self-reflection, making creative use of styrofoam with melted wax, acrylics and a heat gun to reflect humanity’s darker side and visions of a world we risk if we fail to make restoring our Earth our shared priority.”

Michael Gresalfi: Our Changing Planet

“I honestly believe that our rapidly changing planet, and the ongoing climate-induced global challenges we face, can’t be solved without a greater emphasis on the creative arts.” 

Michael Gresalfi‘s video presentation of his artworks with his own narration offers educators and advocates an example of personally communicating the science of climate change through a creative medium.

Stanley Grill: Remember

“After discovering Mariko Endo’s work on the Artists4Peace website, I reached out to collaborate. As we worked together on another music video, she sent me a work in progress, asking to use music from my album Remember with it. It was a wonderful coincidence that the music and video synched together perfectly.”

Stanley Grill‘s collaboration with choreographer and dancer Mariko Endo on Remember serves as a reminder of who we are by nature — part and parcel of the earth and all of the life around us.

Selva Ozelli: Celebrating Biodiversity Day

“When the director alerted me that the Museum was celebrating 1 million visitors, I asked Cecilia Lam whether I could interview her ahead of the International Day for Biological Diversity…”

As well as interviewing the director of the world’s first climate change museum, Selva Ozelli prepared 12 digital art shows on green recovery from Covid-19.